About Us

At Door to Door Furniture, we understand how important looks are when it comes to living room décor. The simplest of touches when done right, can change the entire feel of the room.

Everyone has their own picture in mind of what a perfect living room should look like; after all, it’s the place where we spend most of our time. We aspire to let you take the designer’s seat and make sure your dream plans are turned into reality.

Be it a vast, open living space with deep greens and rustic golds, or a cozy room with deep undertones and the smell of rich maple wafting through the air – we have customizable designs to match it all and so much more!

Opening the Doors to Modern, Customizable Décor

Luxury, Quality and Comfort – We live by these simple yet oh-so-intricate values represented in every living room piece we offer.

As a family trying to furnish our own living room to match our vibe, we soon realized the need for customizable furniture. No showroom or store seemed to offer the designs and textures we had in mind! This birthed the idea of personalized living rooms; where the client could design each and every single corner perfectly to their liking.

Thus, Door to Door Furniture was launched; a family-operated furniture store to prioritize the client’s demands over all else. Our only goal is to bring our customers’ dream rooms to life. And we do so with the very best of quality and luxurious feel.

Shopping at Door to Door Furniture is truly a unique experience. We prefer handing over the reigns to our customers; letting them create their own memorable centrepieces. Our interior design experts are always on standby, ready to offer professional guidance and any help needed in matching textures and fabrics for a gorgeous, sophisticated final look.

Why Choose Us

Every piece that we make is specially handcrafted for our customers. All our products are handmade entirely in our shop with a selection of the finest hardwood and plush materials to offer the best of luxury and comfort.

Our experienced craftsmen take great care in fitting even the smallest of joints for a stunning final finish.

Our store offers a wide variety of 70+ different fabrics, textures and colors so you can accomplish your dream look!

Customers can even request samples of different fabrics and color schemes beforehand, and we will mail them to their doorstep. All of this is in efforts to make sure our customers get the exact look that they’ve always wanted!