Lounge Sofa





Built for maximum comfort, our Lounge Sofa is perhaps our most delightful creation yet. It is a uniquely designed masterpiece enhanced with innovative ideas and styles. The signature feature of the Lounge Sofa is the inventive foam-shaped arms with internal woodwork for extra support. This allows you to dive into a world of comfort and luxury as you lean back on the couch and relax.

Furthermore, the contemporary style with a smooth base and glamorous cushions further adds to the charm of the Lounge Sofa.


Overall Dimensions 89” W x 37”H
Seat Depth 46” D
Seat Height 20” H



  • Custom made in California (made in USA)
  • Eco-friendly construction
  • 100% Solid wood frame
  • Cleanable and breathable hypoallergenic fabrics
  • Reversible and flappable detached cushioning
  • Zippered, removable cushion covers for easy cleaning
  • Seat cushions are 2.0 density foam offering a cozy yet supportive sit / no flame retardants added



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